Dell EMC and Ubuntu

From desktop to the edge, from the data centre to multi-cloud environments — Dell EMC and Canonical bring you open source solutions that work out-of-the-box.

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In the data centre

Dell fun88体育s provisioning with MAAS

At the heart of the data centre and a key component to building a hybrid strategy, Dell PowerEdge fun88体育s come certified with Ubuntu as the operating system. Offering the performance and versatility to get the most from your infrastructure, Dell’s flexible designs offer a range of options for price, functionality and scalability to meet your workload needs. Those fun88体育s can be provisioned with for a cloud-like experience and enhanced automation.

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Deploy containers at scale with Charmed Kubernetes

You can go confidently into production as we have completed extensive validation, testing and certification to identify the best-fit Dell hardware for container-based solutions. Use Dell EMC PowerEdge fun88体育s and Ceph software-defined storage running Ubuntu fun88体育 and Canonical’s Charmed Kubernetes to help you manage the complexities of multiple containers across multiple fun88体育s. And if you prefer to focus on your business, we can set up your k8s cluster and manage Kubernetes for you, handing back control when you are ready.

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Enterprise clouds with OpenStack

Over 50% of all Openstack deployments use Ubuntu and Dell is the most-used hardware for deploying Openstack. Together we have designed, built, tested and certified a private cloud offering so you can move quickly, cost-effectively and reliably from pure virtualisation solution to a production-grade cloud platform like OpenStack. Whether you are experienced and want to operate your OpenStack on your own, or need a fully managed option, you can choose the OpenStack package that best fits your needs.

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Ubuntu powers 55% of OpenStack in production. Source:

At the edge

Redefine intelligence at the edge

Edge computing is transforming all sectors from robotics to 5G infrastructure. Ubuntu is the standard for Linux for edge deployments, bringing efficiencies with regular updates, robust security, and enhanced controls. Combine this with Dell Edge Gateways, that are engineered for the extreme environment and can withstand even the harshest of conditions, making them a premium gateway option.

On the desktop

Roll-out Ubuntu developer laptops and desktops in your organisation

Dell Linux desktops, laptops and workstations are built with the developer in mind. Powered by Ubuntu they include the tools and libraries needed for a productive cloud, AI and IOT development experience. Over 160 Dell laptop, desktop and workstation models ship with Ubuntu preinstalled for an optimised, secure and constantly updated platform. Ranging from value-priced to premium systems, all options are certified and ship with Ubuntu.

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Power your AI ambitions

With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS factory installed, Dell Precision workstations deliver the power to deploy and manage cognitive technology platforms, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning. Featuring extensive memory and outstanding processors and graphics, Dell AI-ready workstations are both flexible and affordable. They’re ready out-of-the-box in a certified platform with accelerated hardware so that you can work at full speed on your AI ambitions without risk and with peace of mind.

The building blocks for your digital transformation

Dell and Ubuntu can provide you with everything you need to transform your enterprise’s IT.

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